We provide access to industry experts, engineering support and product development teams sponsored by the companies we represent. Our strengths include engaging and working with design engineers, product managers, management, procurement teams and design engineering firms as liaison between industry experts and component engineers to provide the very best possible solution, contact for more information.

Experts in designing and manufacturing Roller Chain, Hubs, Bushings, Sheaves, Shaft Collars, Sprockets, Pulleys, Bearings, Pillow Block Bearings, and a variaty of power transmission components. Power Rite is one of the most cost effective, highest quality manufacturers of power transmission components in the North American Market, whether you’re just looking to reduce you’re costs, new product design or design modification we can help.

Specialists of Flexible Metal Hose Products, Dry Bulk Transfer and Handling Products used in material handling of grain, granular materials, pelletized plastics, engine exhaust, dust collection, coal dust collection, dry bulk product transfer from rail cars etc. vacuuming applications and blow out protection armor just to name a few applications.

Stepper Motor Manufacturer Providing high quality cost-effective state of the art automation equipment with experience engineers, assembly technicians and machinist that can design, build and solve OEM needs including machining.

All Motion and US Automation Products are designed to solve OEM’s Stepper Motor and Positioning needs. They Manufacturer Stepper Motors, Steeper Drives, Stepper Controllers and Servo Controllers including the most compact intelligent Stepper Motor Controllers on the market today. Our Servo Motor Controllers and Brushless DC Motor Controllers feature quadrature encoder feedback and are also programmable to allow stand-alone operation. We can also provide custom solutions based on our EZ Stepper and EZ Servo motor technology.



Solutions Provider designing Sealants, Greases and PTFE lubricants designed for extreme applications including a line of Oxygen Safe Sealants and Solvent Free Rust Stop Products. Fluoramics engineers products for extreme chemicals and temperatures and are used all over the globe. The Tufoil Technology line of PTFE lubricants provides extended life to equipment, extends time between overhauls, reduces wear, reduces operating temperatures and provides energy savings. These products are used on numerous applications including gear boxes & differentials, engines, locks, hinges, clasps, tools, weapons just to name a few. HinderRUST’s solvent free chemistry stops rust and provides lubrication. It keeps tools rust free and working, stops rust on commercial outside equipment and keeps wire ropes, firearms and industrial equipment like new.

Industrial and Engine Oil Treatments, Greases, Air Tool Oil, Lubit-8, Gun Coat with PTFE surface chemistry designed to suspend and keep in suspension, PTFE particles. Extreme pressure lubricants, Rust inhibitors, will not plug oil filters, reduces operating temperatures, extends time between overhauls. Tufoil was tested by The National Bureau of Standards (NIST) Tufoil has a Surface Coefficient of Friction of 0.029 which is one of the most slippery substance know to man.

Solvent -free Rust Inhibitor and Lubricator providing Rust Prevention and corrosion protection lubricant.Hinder Rust prevents rust from starting and stops existing corrosion on machines large and small- from major equipment in factories and agricultural farm equipment to automotive and tools.

Manufacturer of Electrical Power Distribution Products for commercial vehicles, service trucks, utility trucks, fire apparatus and armored vehicles.  These products manage all the high-current power distribution requirments in vehicles including lighting, pumps, fans, valves, starters and other functions.

Experts specializing in Hall Effect Joysticks and Human Interface Controls including Rugged fully sealed Joysticks, Precision Joysticks, Fingertip Joysticks, Desk top Camera Joysticks and Controls and Miniature Joysticks,